How data tells the story of F1

Laurens ten Cate | Data Scientist; Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Gefaciliteerd door: Amazon web services

With drivers hitting speeds as high as 230 mph, taking pit stops in under two seconds, and flying around corners with a force of 5G, FORMULA 1 (F1) needs a technology provider as fast as their sport is. F1 is a battle between the world’s best drivers, but it’s also a battle of some of the world’s most innovative engineers. By using AWS, F1 is utilizing innovative technologies, such as machine learning (ML) models and high performance computing (HPC), to digitally transform the sport. F1 Insights powered by AWS, is one of those examples that transforms the fan experience before, during, and after each race. By using distinct data points to inform each insight, F1 enables fans to understand how drivers make split-second decisions and how teams devise and implement race strategies in real time that impact the outcome of a race. Laurens will tap into how AWS is helping F1 to bring fans closer to the split-second decisions made on the track.